Perfect Places

My perfect place?
This place is no mystery
Can you guess it?
The game is afoot
Here are four signs.

It’s the home of Mistress Mary,
Though quite contrarily,
She never lived here.

It houses Victoria
With her colorful doors
and the sun that never sets
for the Empress of India.

King Arthur’s Seat looms above
the once and future kingdom
guarded by knights
and torn apart by love.

You’ll buy your first wand.
You’ll meet the strange Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
You’ll watch the fiery cross burn.
You’ll never grow up.

Have you guessed my perfect place?


It starts out like a pair of new shoes.
Full of promise
The shoes are worn everyday
The color fades
Just a little
A little more
A little more
All the color has gone
The seams begin to tear
They’re unwearable
It ends when the shoes collapse

On Growing Up

Was a nightmare.
i went with someone i had watched nap  on that colored rug that was always stored in the hall. Prom
Was a thousand glass shards in my feet. 
i went with someone i watched fall off of the monkey bars. Prom
Was the last time I wore a beautiful dress.
i went with someone who became the brightest star in a sky of burned out constellations. Prom
Was a thousand smiles.  Prom
Was a dream.